Алмазный шлифовальный инструмент

Позолоченные "львиные" полиры из нашей премиум-программы алмазных боров особенно подходят для обработки очень твердых материалов, таких как стеклокерамика, диоксид циркона и, конечно, для любoй другой препарации.

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Specialized Trade

En Fourth generation precision – available in over 80 countries

Horico operates as a family company and is now in the fourth generation – this means almost one hundred years of accumulated experience in the dental sector and expertise that precedes us as a good reputation. A further success, however, is also: trust and long-standing business relationships with our customers and dental dealers. In many cases we look back on over sixty years of cooperation.

For us this close relationship means: we often recognise requirements and wishes together and can also develop customer-specific solutions. This is not only the case in Germany: we now supply over 80 countries. Simply click on the map and you will very easily find the list of respective dental dealers in your region!

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