KIT AS - Präparation von Veneers

Dieses Kit ist für qualitätsbewußten Zahnärzte entwickelt worden. 

HORICO - Virtueller Produktberater

Hier können Sie stöbern, das Produkt aussuchen, welches Sie benötigen und dieses über Ihren Handelspartner beziehen.


Over 155,000 trade visitors from 157 countries visited the world's leading trade fair for the dental industry: the IDS 2017 in Cologne.

News from HORICO at the International Dental Show 2017 in Cologne ...

Exhibitions are places of personal contact - that's why we go to them. With our international presence, we give you the opportunity of learning first-hand about our products, to inquire and seek advice personally.

The easiest, fastest and least stressful way is to make an individual appointment with us at an exhibition, so we can find a quiet moment to give your concerns our full attention.

Exhibition Place from to stand
FDI 2015 Bangkok- Thailand 22.09.2015 25.09.2015  
DENTAL EXPO Moscow- Russia 28.09.2015 01.10.2015  
Colloquium dentale Brescia - Italy 22.10.2015 24.10.2015  
IFED WC Cape Town - SA 05.11.2015 07.11.2015  
BDIA Dental Showcase London - UK 22.10.2015 24.10.2015  
ADF 2015 Paris - France 05.11.2015 07.11.2015  
GNYDM New York - USA 29.11.2015 02.12.2015  

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